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We Can Help Any Student At Any Level

Our highly trained tutors have given students the skills and confidence they need to get their grades back on track. Students with the ability to do the work are much more motivated in the classroom. With all of the necessary academic skills in place, and the confidence that follows, good grades and success in school will result. We can work with and help any student, at any level!

Jeff Bailey; Director

bullet Grades are not where they should be
bullet The teacher says that your child is a “daydreamer” in class
bullet Homework is a constant battle
bullet Your child does not appear to have basic math or reading skills

bullet Step 1: We start with thorough academic testing that is designed to identify your student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Many students have academic gaps. Over time, those gaps make it more and more difficult to succeed. Our testing will identify those gaps.
bullet Step 2: We analyze your student’s test results. We spend a significant amount of time evaluating those test results in order to create an individual- ized plan to “fill in the gaps” and provide the necessary academic skills.
bullet Step 3: We have a conference with the family in order to explain the test results and discuss the student’s individual academic needs. If a child is struggling in math or reading, we can give you in-depth test results that show why.
bullet Step 4: Our test results show us exactly where to start your student. We begin work at precisely his or her level. It will be a great feeling for a struggling student to be able to do the work. Each day the work gets gradually more difficult. Before long, your student will be working well beyond his normal academic comfort zone without even realizing that he has progressed! We help fill in the gaps and build foundational skills that lead to long-term academic success.

Located in Southwest Jefferson County

We are conveniently located on Dixie Highway just north of Blanton Lane and inside of the Hillview Baptist Church facilities.

5319 Dixie Highway
Louisville, Kentucky 40258

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